Open daily, 9.30am to 3.30pm until 15th January 2022

Kirk Andrews, 'Charcoal & Ink: Rock Icons'

Kirk Andrews is a UK based fine artist working in charcoal, Indian ink and pastel. He specialises in portraiture and has a passion for music which inspires his rock icon artwork. His original art and limited edition fine art prints sell to collectors worldwide.

An original charcoal portrait of his has recently sold at auction through Sotheby’s.


Kirk’s studio and gallery is at The Red House Glass Cone museum in Stourbridge.



Facebook: @kirkandrewsart

Twitter: @the_kirkinator

Instagram: the_kirkinator

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Hagley Art Club ' A Mixed Palette'


 An eclectic collection of art by Hagley Art Club, a club formed back in 1989, encapsulating their passions and interests, life in general, the world around us and places that evoke memories. In the work on display you will see a difference in the presentations of the subject matter; nature, landscapes, animals and people – in a broad range of mediums.

Please see images from Hagley Art Club below.

Three Themes by Mark Howard: Extinction, Birds and Paris

Until 31st January 2022


 “I trained in 3-dimensional design in the early 1980s and graduated as a ceramics specialist. An 18-month contract with an arts based community programme gave way to the real life experience of needing to earn regular money to bring up a family. And so, a 31 year career as a civil servant ensued! During which time, I painted many pet portraits for friends and colleagues. The kids are grown up now and the mortgage is paid off so I took early retirement to spend time painting the things that are important to me.


There have been three main themes to my paintings over the last 3 years. Probably the most worthy of which has been trying to bring to the focus of everyone who sees my work, the plight of thousands of species of animals in the world that face extinction within our lifetime through both climate change and the ignorance and indifference of those businesses that seek to capitalise on their habitat. I try to learn something about everything I paint to help me have a respect for the subject. I hope that this shows in my paintings”